Here are a five thoughts for ways you can expand your network, help others and benefit from building personal and professional relationships in the coming year:

1. Give the Gift of Introductions
Introductions are gifts you give people by connecting them to one another. The more people you know, the more…

by: Pat Hedley and Melanie Hughes

They key to great talent is right in front of you — your network and that of your current employees

Entrepreneurs and growth company executives face several challenges in hiring high caliber people: hiring takes time, search firms are costly and great talent is…

A human being becomes whole not in virtue of a relation to himself but rather in virtue of an authentic relation to another human being.

Martin Buber, 20th century philosopher

Taylor, a young friend was struggling. Job rejections were painful enough, but even worse was the hollowness of getting no…

Pat Hedley

Investor, advisor and author of Meet 100 People

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